Design. That moves.
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A collection of GIFs and short-form motion graphics videos that I have created.


Remember GIFs? Well, they’re back! GIFs* have enjoyed a resurgence in the past few years. Visually appealing and not constrained by sound, GIFs are great short form content for your business on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They also auto-loop, heightening the chance of the viewer seeing your business and product.  

Below is a mixture of personal and client work.

*the debate on how to pronounce it rages on

Christmas Tree
Vote for Women
1080 - Isle of Dogs.gif

I’ve been creating short-form motion graphics videos on my personal Instagram & I see these as doodles. I come up with an idea or technique I want to try, and limit myself to spending no more than a day on them. I believe it’s more important to create work and release it to the world than to leave it to rust in a digital drawer. This has allowed me to keep my skills sharp while having a bit of fun at the same time.