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Live Election Videos

Motion Graphics videos that were created for Michael D Higgins reelection campaign.

Live Animated Videos - 2019 Elections


I’ve been working on creating data-driven animations, so for the 2019 Local and European elections in Ireland, I decided to test them out.

What makes these videos unique is that all the numbers (data) are taken from a Google Sheets document in realtime. This means that as and when the election results came in, by changing a Google Sheet, the animation changes. There's no need to redo the animation, it just changes automatically to reflect the new data. 

Some of the information that was automatically updated included:

  • total of seats per party

  • percentage of total seats won out of 949

  • the difference between seats won in 2014 & 2019

This allows the videos to be online moments after the new data has been added to the spreadsheet. They can be viewed on Twitter as they were uploaded.