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Tunr Mobile.png


An explainer animation made for music service, Tunr.


Tunr is a music sharing website that allows you to use YouTube links to share tunes that you like. I was hired to create 2D animation for a one minute video to promote the service. 

Success Criteria:

  • Communicate what Tunr is in less than a minute

  • Be visually compelling enough to generate interest

  • Direct users to the site and sign up

Initially, Tunr sent a script to me, then I created a storyboard of possible ideas that would best represent visually their product. I created a distinct colour palette for the visual style, using the blue that is found throughout the Tunr website as a starting point. The video explored the problem posed, introduced Tunr as the solution and how it achieves that solution. This all happened in under a minute, ensuring it best suited to be shared on social media.

Tunr was very pleased with the final video, which was uploaded to YouTube and then shared out on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I have since gone on to create their landing page animation as well as additional assets. 



Tunr Landing Page Animation

Tunr Landing Page Animation